More on Bob Kelly

Hello everyone!
John and I just returned from visiting Uncle Bob.  I am pleased to report that he is doing quite well!  He was very talkative and we were there for over 2 hours.  He is being a very good patient and the staff at Centegra are extremely happy with his progress.  We have to give some high marks to the staff in ICU based on our observations. 
Bob was moved today to another bed in ICU and is now in Room 565.  He is able to take phone calls and receive visitors.  Pastor Doug from Rockford stopped by while we were there.  The nurse said it is likely Bob may be moved out of the ICU into another unit of the hospital tomorrow or the next day.  So if you call or visit, be sure to ask the operator or receptionist which room he is in.  We expect that he will not be discharged from the hospital under after Memorial Day as arrangements will need to be made to transport him back to Wesley Willows’ Rehab unit.
He had a swallow study performed today and they have him on a thick liquid diet at the moment, such as soup and pudding.  He was to receive his first ‘real’ food shortly after we left his room.  He started receiving both Physical and Occupational Therapy today.  He sat on the edge of the bed but was dizzy so there was no attempt to stand.
Bob received some Get Well cards and he wants everyone to know how appreciative he is of your kind thoughts and prayers for his recovery.  His doctor told him that he is “very lucky to be alive” and “God must have a plan for him yet”.  He teared up telling me this and I tear up now as I write this to you. 
The main phone number at Centegra is 815-344-5000.  To get connected directly to his current room (565) you will need to enter extension 1565.  If he doesn’t answer he may have been moved out of ICU.