My back yard — that's a yard rule sticking out of the table

This is the mess we are in down here in the Washington metro area. Everything is still closed: schools, courts, government offices, stores. Even the electrical companies and DOTs are pulling their plows off the roads in the white out conditions. We’re days into it and the nursing homes are suffering. Everyone with a 4 x 4 has been ferrying nurses, surgeons and other emergency medical personnel. We shoveled out our offices yesterday — just enough for two cars and the sidewalk and I reckon we shifted 1500 cubic feet of snow. 

Overnight another 5 or 6 inches came down but as it’s a blizzard, we’re getting a couple of feet in drifts around the house. So far we have power but I gather that lots of people do not. This is now a record breaker for the D.C. area. It’s funny but since I moved here I’ve had three “once in a hundred years” weather events: a hurricane, a flood and now a snowstorm. Is it me???
I am still confident that we will have the Manx classes on Sunday — I’m just not sure where we’ll park. There is a parking lot in the next block down on Cameron which we used yesterday, maybe we’ll have to resort to that.