NAMA Convention photos

Thanking Bob Kelly for his years of service to NAMA as he hands over the position of Honorary Past President to next-in-sucession Marshall Cannell, the new slate of Officers is officially installed. Our newest Officer, 3rd Vice-President Katie Prendergast (in red) should be no stranger to NAMA members as she is the daughter of John, niece of Brad and grand-daughter of Florence. 

James “Jim” Corlett hands over the Presidency to Joanne “Jody” Morey using the replica of the Manx Sword of State for the very last time. The sword is engraved with the name of each new President and there’s no room for any more names. The Board voted to source a new one in time for the 2014 Convention.

 The Hon. Clare Christian, MLC,  President of Tynwald addresses the 2012 NAMA Convention at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.