NAMA & GWAMs member and son of Manxmum graduates today, woo hoo!

OK, so it’s the blogger’s perk to promote their own but in fact I’m too busy to post anything else today as we’re off to the Vespers of Graduation at St. Anselm’s Abbey School in DC today where Matthew Blower is graduating. Seven years with the Benedictines have given him a great education — let’s hear it for 1500 years of tradition. He’s off to read Geosciences at Virginia Tech in August. It’s been a long road from the Jane Crookhall Maternity Wing in Douglas to graduation in D.C.

And you know what –– if anyone else has children or grandchildren in NAMA or their local Manx Society who are graduating, or getting married or giving birth — send me the details and I’ll put them up. It’s only fair. Let’s make this about our members as well as the IOM.