New Bree Website

The Island’s youth group ‘Bree’ (Manx for vitality) has proved to be very successful in attracting young people under the age of fifteen with an interest in learning more about Manx music, and now it’s a lot easier to keep up to date with what is happening with the launch of a new website.
Founded in 2006 as a youth education movement celebrating Manx music and dance, the group is spearheaded by Chloë Woolley and Breesha Maddrell of the Manx Heritage Foundation. ‘Bree’ is designed to attract those aged 10 – 18 years of age, and aims to introduce and develop Manx culture amongst the Island’s young musicians and dancers, with the intention of keeping it as a living tradition. This includes pupils from all of the Island’s secondary schools and year six students from primary level.
‘Bree’ provides opportunities for young people already interested in singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument, with an additional interest in Manx culture, to socialise, share ideas and learn from experienced musicians. Members are encouraged to participate in an annual weekend of music and dance workshops (held in connection with the Isle of Man Youth Service) monthly music sessions, performances, community events and some occasional busking in aid of local charities.
The new website has been designed by two young members of ‘Bree’ Daniel Quayle and Isla Callister.
Valerie Caine, © January 2012, (Courtesy of Manx Tails)