New Exhibition Highlights the Work of Archibald Knox

If you’re planning a visit to the Isle of Man during the winter season, this would be a great opportunity to visit the forthcoming exhibition about Archibald Knox at the Manx Museum in Douglas.

Beginning mid-October, this will be a rare chance to see a host of items designed by Knox with many of them from private collections and, until now, unseen on the Island.

Although he’s known as an artist, teacher and designer, these lines can sometimes be blurred, depending upon personal experience, but here’s an unprecedented opportunity for everyone to see all aspects of the great man’s work. This will include silver, pewter, jewellery and copies of other work designed by Knox, reflecting upon his ability with water-colour, oil painting, sketches, ceramic items, wallpaper, textiles, carpets, design drawing, graphics, illustrations and illuminated lettering.

Interspersed with information about the designer and his life, visitors will also be able to assess examples from The Deer’s Cry, gravestones and memorials, study his teaching methods and learn more about the Knox Guild of Design and Crafts. Other original work, including silverware, clocks, water-colours and oil paintings will also be on display in other parts of the museum.

Additionally, there will be a selection of talks expanding on the Knox theme, including a curatorial lecture focusing on The Deer’s Cry with Yvonne Cresswell. Further talks will encompass Liberty and Co., silver hallmarks, the origins of the distinctive Cymric and Tudric range and industrial espionage at the turn of the nineteenth century. There will also be a brief introduction to the graves situated in Braddan New Cemetery, the aims and objectives of the Archibald Knox Forum and how to spot a fake Knox item. And there’s a further opportunity to view Anthony Bernbaum’s lecture at Olympia during 2014 (with thanks to Culture Vannin, Anthony Bernbaum and the Archibald Knox Society). It’s also hoped to provide guided tours across the Island to visit places associated with Knox.

The exhibition closes on the 13th January 2019.

Thanks are extended to those collectors lending items for display, Culture Vannin, Manx National Heritage, Our Island 2018 committee and the Archibald Knox Forum.

Further details about the Archibald Knox Forum can be found at, by emailing or through their Facebook page.

Valerie Caine

© October 2018