New Government Structure

The new Government Structure comes into effect today.  The restructuring programme is aimed at producing greater efficiencies within Government through a more coordinated and effective framework of Departments.

There are six entirely new departments plus three existing ones as follows:
Department of Community, Culture and Leisure
Department of Economic Development
Department of Education and Children
Department of the Environment, Food and Agriculture
Department of Health
Department of Home Affairs
Department of the Infrastructure
Department of Social Care
Department of the Treasury

And political memberships of the new Government Departments will be as follows:

Department                                           Minister                           Members

Community, Culture and Leisure        David Cretney MHK        Brenda Cannell MHK
                                                                                                     Quintin Gill MHK
Economic Development                      Allan Bell MHK          Clare Christian MLC
                                                                                                  Alex Downie MLC
                                                                                                 Juan Watterson MHK
                                                                                               Geoff Corkish MHK          

Education and Children                    Eddie Teare MHK               Dudley Butt MLC
                                                                                                      David Quirk MHK

Environment, Food and Agriculture  John Shimmin MHK         Tim Crookall MHK
                                                                                                      Juan Turner MLC

Health                                               David Anderson MHK        Dudley Butt MLC

Home Affairs                                   Adrian Earnshaw MHK       Bill Malarkey MHK

Infrastructure                                    Phil Gawne MHK               David Callister MLC
                                                                                                      Graham Cregeen MHK
                                                                                                      Tim Crookall MHK
                                                                                                      David Quirk MHK

Social Care                                        Martyn Quayle MHK         Bill Malarkey MHK
                                                                                                      Bill Henderson MHK
Treasury                                            Anne Craine MHK             Phil Braidwood MLC
                                                                                                      Eddie Lowey MLC