New words for old music found

I (Kelly McCarthy) just found this piece of music with Manx lyrics handwritten by my grandfather, H. P. Kelly (who wrote the song Cadlee ny Moidyn Moirrey or “Bee dty host, my lhoannoo veen”).  It was in a book of Manx music collected by Mona Douglas, which was obviously my grandfather’s as it had his handwriting on it. He passed away in 1938, while serving as High Bailiff of Man which gives us a latest date for this work.

Greater Washington Area Manx Society member, Bill Cassidy has translated it thus:

Veagh dooys fegooish miljid erbee
Yn ghrian houree jeeaghyn gyn bree

Would to me be without sweetness at all.
The summer sun shining without strength ..

Agh tra ta mee maynrey ayns Jee
Ta’n geurey myr sourey dou eisht.

But when I am joyful in God
The winter is like summer to me then.

Breesey Maddrell at Culture Vannin says: “It looks like something new to our eyes word-wise but looks like the Arrane ny Cloiedeyr Viol tune.”