News from Lily

Hello from pre-tour paradise!  For those interested, this includes things like fixing zippers on my massive harp flight case (the 4th time in just a few months!), counting strings, sorting music and polishing harp levers.  Glamorous, eh?
I’m going to be on a teaching/concert tour in England, Finland, Germany and the Czech Republic for the next few weeks.  The tour is pretty heavy on the private and group teaching this time, so I’m looking forward to meeting pockets of harp players in several new cities (hello Berlin and Prague!)!
My web-site was updated with links to the concerts which are open to the public just recently and you can see the schedule here,
I’ll have copies of my CDs with me on the road but I should mention that they’re all on sale on CD Baby now through the holiday period!  If you’re interested you can visit CD Baby here,
Speaking of CDs, the album “Donde nace la luz” that I worked on in Madrid, is having its official launch on December 1st – I can’t be there because I’ll be coaching in Helsinki but I’m very excited to hear the finished album!  “Donde nace la luz” is comprised of newly composed music by Carlos Cano Escribá and Hernán Milla, set to the poetry of Aldo Mendez.  Proceeds from the album will go to the organisation FISENSI, which helps the disabled. The team behind the CD had set up a crowd-funding page to help cover the costs of producing the album and I posted some links to it on Facebook.  I know that some of you supported the project and I was truly delighted when the level of financial support they needed to make the album was reached!  
Thanks so much to everyone who helped!