News Media love the Isle of Man

The number of broadcasters, magazine and newspaper publications who have chosen to feature the Isle of Man is at an all time high. ITV’s Islands of Britain, BBC’s The One Show, ITV Granada, Coast, ITV’s John Sergeant’s Tourist Trail and two high profile TV crews from Germany and Italy have all travelled over to the Island to film in the past few months and coverage still to appear will feature basking sharks, dolphins, and iconic Isle of Man landmarks.

A total of 26 media visits to the Isle of Man have been assisted by the Department of Tourism and Leisure this financial year (from April 2009), which has generated a 100% track record of positive coverage in a number of publications including The Times, The Daily Mail and Yahoo! amongst others. Journalists have showcased the Islands strong reputation as the perfect travel destination in coverage, with printed quotes including:

“Something tells me the Isle of Man is working its magic once again” (Daily Mail)

“I guarantee you’ll fall in love with the Isle of Man” (The People)

“Hop across the Irish Sea and take the opportunity to get up close and personal with an island full of surprises” (Good Motoring)

2009 has so far seen the Isle of Man Department of Tourism and Leisure generate a large volume of positive coverage across all off-island media outlets including TV, radio and print. In the current climate, when more and more travellers are considering the ‘staycation’, the Isle of Man has risen to the challenge and has truly shown itself to be a compelling and accessible holiday destination.

The Department’s Communications Department measures coverage in terms of equivalent advertising values and from April this year coverage to date has achieved over £200,000 worth of promotion from a total of 57 pieces of coverage.

Geoff Corkish MBE, MHK, and Political member for the Department of Tourism and Leisure, said: ‘We are attracting more and more interest from all of the media – television, radio and press, who see our Island as a destination of year round interest. Such highlighting is certainly encouraging and confirms our strategy in this area of tourism along with the huge support we receive from all those involved in tourism on the Island.’

Facilitating media visits is a major part of the Tourism PR strategy which encourages many media visits every year with the aim of raising the Island’s profile and awareness of the Isle of Man as a holiday destination.