Nominations for NAMA Youth sought

Please nominate a young person from your Society to receive this award at the Plymouth Convention in August! The Isle of Man Department of Education created an award to be given every two years at the North American Manx Association Convention. The award recognizes young people living in North America for their contribution in maintaining an awareness of the Isle of Man and its culture.
The Department of Education and Children aims to encourage young people with Manx connections growing up in North America to perform Manx Music, learn the Manx language, or learn some other aspect of Manx culture and history.
The prize includes a check for US$200 and free lifetime membership of the North American Manx Association from NAMA, and an award hewn from Pooil Vaaish marble from the Isle of Man Government.
The winner must demonstrate an interest in Manx culture or history by sharing their knowledge through essay, art, multimedia, performance art, etc. Nominations will be accepted via the internet or by snail mail.
Each nomination must be in the form of a short description of the nominee’s work that explains how this relates to the Isle of Man. Photos or video of the original work should accompany the nomination (soft or hard copies). Nominees must provide contact details for themselves and one reference that may be used by the judges to discuss the work and its authenticity.
All initial contacts should go to who will pass them on to the youth award team.