North American Manx Awards

The Isle of Man Department of Education is once again inviting nominations for the North American Manx Awards.

These Awards are presented each year on behalf of the North American Manx Association for outstanding achievement by young people on the Isle of Man. The Awards are arranged in five categories and for each category, a silver medal has been minted.

The Awards recognise the achievements of those under the age of 18. However, two new awards will recognise older recipients.

The categories are as follows:

1. Manx Music
2. Manx Art and Crafts
3. Manx Language

4. Outstanding contribution to Manx Culture
(a) By a student under the age of 18
(b) By a student over the age of 18
(c) By a group of young people under the age of 25

5. (a) Outstanding contribution to the Manx Community in general
(b) Overcoming disability.

You are invited to submit recommendations in respect of the above. If you wish to submit names, please contact the Department of Education on 685801 for a nomination form, alternatively, a downloadable form can be found using the following link

It would be helpful if you detailed the achievement of individuals concerned so that they can be compared with other candidates in the same category. It would be appreciated if nominations could reach the Department of Education by Friday 22 May 2009.


On 25 September 1978, the Convention of the North American Manx Association assembled at Rocky River, Ohio, and resolved to expend the sum of $1000 on a project to commemorate the Millennium of Tynwald 1979.

This Executive Committee determined that the NAMA Millennium Project should be the striking of silver medals to be awarded from 1979 onward to up to four Manx Youth, not exceeding 18 years old, for outstanding achievement in the areas of Manx Language, Manx Arts & Crafts, Manx Music and Manx Folk Dance. The Committee also agreed that from time to time, there might also be an award for outstanding achievement in any area of Manx Heritage.

On 22 November 1978, Mrs Robert S Cowin, President of the Association, was directed by Mr Edward F Sayle of the North American Manx Association to liaise with the Millennium Committee of Tynwald to submit the proposal and suggestions for implementation and to appoint a Committee, on the Isle of Man to develop and implement the project from that year.
It was specified that the Award Ceremony should be held sometime between May and September in order that NAMA members may attend. The names of the winners were to be published in the Bulletin of the NAMA for members’ information.

On 3 December 1978 Edward F Sayle of Arlington, Virginia wrote to Mrs Betty Hanson MHK, Chairman of the Millennium Committee of Tynwald, proposing the establishment of a perpetual award project, to be administered by a committee consisting of the:

Chairman of the Isle of Man Arts Council
Director of Education
Chairman of the Manx Music Festival Committee
Principal of the Isle of Man Arts Society

to honour outstanding achievement of Manx Youth. Tynwald were to give wide latitude for the Committee to administer the project.

NAMA agreed to fund the design, die preparation and striking of medals in silver by Pobjoy Mint and for these to be replenished when they ran out.

On 30 October 1979 Major Geoffrey T Crellin MLC JP wrote to Alun Davies, Director of Education, advising that a strong recommendation had been made by the adjudicators of the Millennium Art Competition that the work of Steven Martin, a student of Castle Rushen High School, should be considered for the silver medal for an outstanding contribution to Art and Julie Patrick was recommended for her contribution to Manx Language.

In September 1984 the categories were changed slightly to encompass awards for outstanding contribution to the Manx community in general and to a handicapped youngster as recognition for outstanding efforts in overcoming the handicap.