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President of Tynwald welcomes NAMA vice-president
The President of Tynwald, the Hon Clare Christian MLC, welcomed the vice-president of the North American Manx Association (NAMA) Mrs Kelly McCarthy to the Legislative Buildings on Thursday September 20th 2012.
The daughter of Manx cultural champion Dollin Kelly Mrs McCarthy was brought up in Port St Mary, is a former Castle Rushen High School student and now resides in Alexandria, Virginia.  
Mrs McCarthy’s trip to the Isle of Man was twofold; to visit family and friends and to meet with Madam President to hold early discussions regarding Tynwald Day 2014 when a NAMA delegation will be attending the ceremony and celebrations at St John’s while in the Island for the NAMA Homecoming Convention. The association is also hoping to hold its board meeting within the precincts of Tynwald.
Madam President, who gave the keynote speech at the 51st NAMA convention in Wisconsin in August this year, said: ‘After the warm reception I received during my visit to the United States I was pleased to be able to welcome Mrs McCarthy to the Legislative Buildings in anticipation of the NAMA delegation’s visit to the Island for Tynwald Day 2014.
‘July 5th is a memorable date in the Manx calendar and, in 2014, it will be an exceptionally important date for Mrs McCarthy for it is the day when she will become the President of the North American Manx Association.  I am therefore delighted that we shall not only have the opportunity to share our national day celebrations with our visitors from North America but also to congratulate Mrs McCarthy on her new role as head of an association dedicated to preserving Manx culture and raising awareness of the Isle of Man.’
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Jonathan King
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September 25 2012