Peel's posh marina

The new marina is scheduled to open after Easter. There’s a great new webcam on the House of Mananan that shows it in all its glory here. It’s 120 berth facility with a 2,900 square metre boat park linked via a footbridge to the pontoons.

On the new boat park will be a temporary toilet and shower block. Permanent facilities will be incorporated into a development of the old boat park. The footbridge is on rollers where it meets the pontoons. The pontoons are fixed in place by black steel tubes that have been piled into the harbour bed. Caps will be fitted to their tops — but they allow the pontoons to rise and fall with the tide, without being able to float from their position. I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like at low tide as the iconic image of Peel is of all the boats in the sand when the tide goes out.