Peter Pan Now Available as a Manx Gaelic Ebook

With reading methods becoming firmly embedded in modern technology, it’s encouraging that Manx Gaelic should join forces with a Scottish based media company who specialise in producing eBooks in Scottish Gaidhlig, Irish and Welsh.
Seen as a leader in eBook education, Giglets Limited, centred in Ayrshire, has developed its first Manx language, animated eBook, Giglets ayns Gaelg Peddyr Pan, in conjunction with the Manx Heritage Foundation to encourage the use and support of the Manx language.
A translation of J. M. Barrie’s classic children’s story, this recent innovation features a ‘read-along’ soundtrack (highlighting each sentence in synchronisation with the audio track) with the intention of enhancing both the reading and learning experience, together with five full-colour animations to help bring this perennial favourite to life.
Giglets Limited is also the award-winning company behind the development of SmartReads, classic stories by prominent authors such as Shakespeare and Dickens which have been shortened, modernised and animated to create interactive learning experiences.
Giglets ayns Gaelg Peddyr Pan is available to download from the websites of the Manx Heritage Foundation and Giglets Limited, or alternatively via iTunes.
It is hoped that the partnership between Giglets Limited and the Manx Heritage Foundation will be developed in the future, with plans to add further classic stories to the Giglets ayns Gaelg series.
Valerie Caine

© November 2013