Police steal keys — and that's OK with Manx people

POLICE in the north of the Isle of Man have warned motorists that they will take keys out of cars if they find them left inside. It’s part of ‘operation keysnatch’. From next Monday, officers will leave calling cards in unlocked cars and remove keys if they’re inside.

Motorists will have to go to Ramsey police station to collect their keys. They will need identification and proof of ownership to get them back. Sergeant Mark Newey said: ‘There have been a number of instances where vehicles have been taken due to the owners leaving keys in the vehicle and sometimes even in the ignition. ‘Typically, those who are taking such vehicles are young and are not able to drive, which often results in these vehicles crashing.’

Apparently this is OK on the IOM. The IoMOnline website carries more favorable comments than adverse. I’m surprised.