Preliminary Itinerary for Plymouth Convention

Thursday, August 4

3pm Board meeting Plympton Room, Hotel 1620

6pm Meet & Greet Standish Room, Hotel 1620 – open to all members

Friday August 5

8.30am Depart by bus for Plimoth Patuxet tour and lunch

2.00pm Depart from Plimoth Patuxet for Mayflower

3.00pm Depart Mayflower for Hotel 1620

6 pm Kiaull as Gaelg – Hotel 1620 bar area

If we can’t go to The Albert Hotel, let’s bring some of The Albert to us! With Kiaull as Gaelg — Music and Manx — we’ll do our best to replicate a Manx traditional music and Manx Gaelic session just as you’d find at The Albert in Port St. Mary on a Friday night. We’ll start with a short tin whistle workshop and move into songs and tunes. Musicians, bring your instruments and join us for a few tunes, or just come to sit back, listen, and enjoy the music. If you speak some Manx, this is the time to use it. And we’ll have a Manx pub quiz that you can complete and compete for prizes.

Saturday August 6

9am – 5pm NAMA Manx Cultural Workshops

Saturday / Jesarn, August 6, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at Plympton Room, Hotel 1620

Failt erriu! Welcome!

For the first time, NAMA is offering a full-day series of workshops on Manx culture, music, folklore, and language as part of its 2022 biennial convention. We’re excited to welcome Ruth Keggin Gell, renowned Manx Gaelic singer, musician, and Culture Vannin’s Manx language development officer as our special guest.

Ruth is passionate about bringing Manx music and language to a wider audience. Her debut solo album, Sheear (Westward) and second album Turrys (Journey) were released in 2014 and 2016. She has performed at major festivals including Celtic Connections in Glasgow, Scotland. She recently released Lossan (Blaze) a debut duo album of Manx Gaelic songs with renowned Scottish harpist Rachel Hair.

Ruth will join us in offering a workshop program with singing, dancing, and music, as well as an introduction to Manx Gaelic, the native language of Ellan Vannin, the Isle of Man. Whether you’re Manx, of Manx descent, or just interested in Gaelic and Celtic culture, these workshops are for you.

We are offering a special “day pass” to those who aren’t able to attend the entire convention but want to attend these workshops. 

9 a.m. Manx Action Songs (All Ages)

Kickstart the day with a Manx Action Song workshop for all ages. In this playful music and movement workshop, you will learn a number of simple songs from the Isle of Man in English and Manx Gaelic, while engaging in movement games and activities that will keep your toes tapping as you learn! This workshop will be suitable for most ages, abilities, and mobility levels. No prior knowledge of the Manx language is required, and songs will be taught by ear.

10 a.m. Manx to the Max! Beginners’ Manx Language Workshop 

Get to know your Manx lingo! In this introductory workshop you will learn some useful Manx Gaelic words and phrases. Find out how to introduce yourself and others in Manx, learn commonly used greetings, and be able to ask how your friends are doing. Though this workshop is particularly suitable for those with little or no knowledge of the Manx language, everyone is very welcome to join in! Bee keead milley failt erriu!

11 a.m. Manx Dance Workshop

Put a spring in your step with a joyous and sociable workshop, in which we will learn a number of simple traditional Manx dances that are often found at Ceilis in the Isle of Man, or performed by dance groups. Perfect for the whole family, everyone is welcome to this workshop, whether you have a dance partner in mind, or not! While an amount of mobility is necessary to practice these energetic dances, participants are free to take rest breaks as required, and all levels of dance ability are welcome to participate — whether you know Manx dances or not.

Manx Gaelic Lunch / Goaill Kirbyl ayns Gaelg 12 p.m.-2 p.m.

There are plenty of lunch options in Plymouth, but if you want to use the Manx you’ve learned, join Ruth for a lunchtime Manx conversation. There will be beginners and more advanced learners joining us.

2 p.m. Folklore of the Isle of Man: The Manx Year (“Y Vlein Vanninagh”) 

The Isle of Man has a wealth of unusual customs, traditions and practices connected to different times of the year. Often stretching back into a past shrouded in mystery of speculation, some of these practices strike to the heart of what makes the Isle of Man so special and unique. In this workshop, we will explore some of the calendar customs of the Island, enriching the learning experience with audio and visual presentations. 

3 p.m. Sing a Song of Mannin: A Pocketful of Tunes from the Isle of Man

In this workshop, participants will learn a number of traditional and contemporary folk songs from the Isle of Man, with a mixture of songs in both Manx Gaelic and English. Learn to sing a wide range of repertoire, from haunting and beautiful Manx airs, to jaunty rhythmic ditties. Songs will be taught by ear in this workshop, but printed lyrics will be available to assist learning. Everyone is welcome to join in, and enjoy singing together!

4 p.m. Manx Whistle and Instrumental Music Workshop 

Round off the day with a rousing instrumental workshop, exploring traditional and contemporary tunes from the Isle of Man, the likes of which you might hear at a lively pub session, or Celtic music festival. Whistles will be provided and a variety of melodies will be taught – from jigs and reels, to slow airs – along with background information about the tunes. All instrumentalists are welcome and, while tunes will be taught by ear, sheet music will be provided for anyone who would like to use it.

6pm-9pm Banquet Dinner, General Meeting and Entertainment in Atlantic Room, Hotel 1620

Sunday 7th – No activities currently planned.