Ree ny Marrey

‘Ree ny Marrey’ (King of the Sea) is an exciting collection of traditional Manx songs with eye catching illustrations by local artist Juan Moore. Presented in both Manx Gaelic and English this substantial publication also incorporates piano arrangements and chords for guitar and keyboard.

This is another book from the Manx Heritage Foundation stable which was so popular when initially introduced in 1994 that it has now been revised and reissued. Although primarily directed at children the book should appeal to anyone, and includes additional material chosen and arranged by Fenella Bazin, providing musicians with countless opportunities to learn more about Manx music in an easy format.

Incorporating translations, descriptions and valuable historical details about their collection ‘Ree ny Marrey’ will have a special appeal for singing groups, choirs and churches. Assistance with pronunciation is also available at the Manx Heritage Foundation’s website.

Priced at £12 ‘Ree ny Marrey’ is available at bookshops across the Island and from the Manx Heritage Foundation.

Valerie Caine
© November 2010 (Courtesy of Manx Life)