Reih Bleeaney Vanannan 2012

This year the Manx Folk Dance Society was awarded this prestigious prize in a special ceremony held in the former Nunnery Chapel on the outskirts of Douglas. Accepted by Chairman of the group, Mrs Joan Cowell, a number of other members from the group, wearing their trademark colourful costumes, gathered to watch the ceremony.
Chairman of the Manx Heritage Foundation, the Honourable Phil Gawne MHK remarked that the Manx Folk Dance Society had supported and promoted Manx culture tirelessly over the past 60 years, and had made an invaluable contribution to a unique and important aspect of the Island’s national identity.
This also gave him the opportunity to thank members of the public who generously submitted an extensive list of nominations, giving the selection panel a more difficult choice than usual this year.
Winning this award was the icing on the cake for the Manx Folk Dance Society, coming at the end of their 60th anniversary year when they celebrated with a special Folk Dance Festival. The Manx Folk Dance Society has forged many friendships with other groups during this time, some of whom were invited to take part in this one-off festival.
Founded for the Festival of Mann celebrated in 1951, members of the Manx Folk Dance Society perform both traditional and contemporary Manx dances at a cross-section of venues both on and off the Island for fundraising events and social occasions.
Valerie Caine
© January 2012