Robert "Bob" Kelly remembered

This photo was taken in June, 1930.  Bob would have been about 4-1/2 years old.  Florence Prendergast, nee Kneale, (the girl!) was just days away from being 10.  This was taken at the first NAMA homecoming in the IOM.  The NAMA had two conventions prior to that homecoming, the first in Cleveland in 1928, and the second in Toronto in 1929.  My mother (that’s Brad & John Prendergast’s mother) does not recall that Bob was at the 1928 convention, but he would have only been 1.5 years old.  

So the info we gave you in the earlier post was in error.

Some background to NAMA:

The First International Convention of the N.A.M.A. (North American Manx Association) was’ a direct outcome of the great Homecoming of 1927 . . . from this sprang the idea of a similar gathering in the United States in 1928, Canada in 1929, and a greater homecoming to the Island in 1930.’ Conventions have been held each year, and brief notes are given of the Souvenir Programmes published at each. Size 230×155 mms.
1928. Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 21-25th. Pp. 56. Contents: ‘Home’ (W. R. Creer, 1893) ; Mona’s Relief Society; The Ladies’ Auxiliary; The Mona’s Mutual Benefit Society; The Manx Choral Society; Cleveland; Manx Directory. L 20, 5841.
1929. Toronto, Ontario, August 20-22nd. Pp. 48. Contents: T. E. Brown Centenary Celebration,
1930; Popular Manx Songs; Manx Directory to Toronto; Out-of-Town Manx (Ontario). L 20, 5947.
1930. See W.M.A. Manx Homecoming of 1930, p. 1498.
1931. Buffalo, New York, August 13-15th. Pp. 48. Contents: Photo of President, Mr. Daniel Teare; Buffalo Manx Society; Buffalo City; Aims of the N.A.M.A. L 20, 6950.
1932. London, Ontario, August 29-31st. Pp. 24. Contents: N.A.M.A. President, Dr. J. J. Moore; T. E. Brown; The Isle of Man – Ideal Commonwealth. L 20, 6951.
1933. Chicago, Illinois, August 8-11th. Pp. 40. Contents: President John R. Cain; Chicago Manx Society; A. B. Crookall, Hon. President; Chicago; Revised Constitution of the N.A.M.A.
1934. Windsor, Ontario, August 14-17th. Pp. 48. Contents: President James Y. Mann; Detroit-Windsor Manx Society; A Page from Manx History.
1935. Cleveland, Ohio, August 13-16th. Pp. 56. Contents: Photos of officers and historical notes; Manx Settlement in Cleveland.
1936. Winnipeg, Manitoba, August 4-7th. Pp. 48. Contents: W. D. Moore, J.P.; Convention Committees; Lower Fort Garry; History of the N.A.M.A. and photos of past presidents.
1937. Rochester, New York, August 10-13th. Pp. 56. Contents: Rochester; N.A.M.A. Proposed Manx House at Cleveland; Guardians of the Manx Heritage – T. E. Brown, A. W. Moore, P. M. C. Kermode, William Cubbon, John Joseph Kneen, with portraits;, Manx Folk Dances; Messages from Mannin; In Memoriam (Josephine Kermode) ; Echoes from Pitcairn; The Island Muse. L 20, 7595.
1938. Hamilton, Ontario, August 16-19th. Pp. 44. Contents: President, Richard H. Corkhill; Tynwald; N.A.M.A. Rules; Harry Kelly’s Cottage; Glen Orry Manx Cats. L 20, 8064.
1939. Lincoln, Nebraska.

The N.A.M.A, publishes four or five times in the year a 4 or 8 pp. Bulletin, 280×220 mms, consisting mainly of news and information devoted to the International Conventions, but also containing other interesting matter which is indexed below. The Bulletin was commenced in January, 1929, succeeding a foolscap sheet entitled Manx Convention. Bulletin, of which there were four issues in 1928. This contains an article, which ran through the four issues entitled ‘ The Pioneers’.



with Biographical Memoranda and Copious Literary References.


Librarian of the Manx Museum.