SDA Launches Space Data Center on the Isle of Man

[Satellite TODAY 07-28-10]  The Space Data Association (SDA) has launched initial operations of its Space Data Center, an automated space situational awareness system located on the Isle of Man, the SDA announced July 27.

Initial operating capabilities include conjunction assessment for 126 satellites in geostationary orbit owned by the founding members of the SDA — Inmarsat, Intelsat and SES. The center is scheduled to launch full operations by early 2011, after which the center will be able to support radio frequency interference mitigation and include commercial and government operators with satellites in all Earth orbits as members.
Built on AGI commercial software, the Space Data Center aims to provide members of the SDA with Web-based access to operational capabilities through a service-oriented architecture. The system automatically ingests and processes operator-supplied orbital data and generates automated warning alerts when necessary. It also will support avoidance maneuver planning and facilitate greater data sharing.

 “We are working to quickly expand the SDA’s satellite operator membership and obtain greater access to high-accuracy data. We will also proactively contact operators to solicit interest,” Stewart Sanders, chairman and director of the SDA, said in a statement.