Sell Out Gig for Mec Lir at Noa Bake House

One of the newest Manx bands on the Isle of Man’s traditional music scene, Mec Lir (named after a pre-Christian Celtic God) has rapidly developed a loyal following since the launch of their debut recording Not an EPlate last year.

The band includes some well-known names from the Island music scene, who have now taken Manx music much further afield, broadening its horizons throughout the UK, Europe, the US and Australia.

Mec Lir has on board David Kilgallon (King Chiaullee/Chronicles), Tom Callister (Barrule), Adam Rhodes (King Chiaullee/Mabon/Barrule) and Scotland’s Greg Barry (The Elephant Sessions), who bring a rich combination of talent to a vibrant Island music scene.

With an expanding portfolio and a growing fan base, it was no surprise that their recent festive gig attracted a full house in Douglas, with a collection of tunes from the Celtic catalogue.

Held in the intimate setting of the capital’s Noa Bake House (New Bake House), Island based Scottish guitarist Malcolm Stitt (Deaf Shepherd/Boys of the Lough) kicked off the evening event with a selection of solo tunes, before Mec Lir ripped the top off the bottle to release a fast flowing stream of dance music!

Merging some of the typical traditional tunes with a more upbeat style has proved a winner, with dancers eager to step out on the floor but reluctant to sit down again once it’s all over.  

Check out some of their music on YouTube or find more information on their website or Facebook page.

Valerie Caine

© January 2015