Services slowly getting back to normal

AIRSPACE above the Isle of Man will reopen at 1pm today (Monday). is the only operator of scheduled flights who wishes to operate today, although non-scheduled operators – for example, general aviation, air taxi operators – can also fly, provided they can fly visual flight conditions.

Confusion reigned throughout the weekend following last week’s volcano eruption in Iceland. But now it seems possible that services could return to normal as early as tomorrow (Tuesday). However, due to the unpredictable nature of the problem, the disruption could continue.

Travellers have been left stranded both sides of the Irish Sea as flights have been grounded since Thursday lunchtime, amid fears particles in the ash cloud from the eruption could cause engines to shut down. A number of teachers were unable to return to the Island after their Easter holidays, which forced education chiefs to yesterday close part of Ballakermeen High School due to staff shortages.

Photo: shows smoke and ash rising from the volcano under a glacier in the Eyjafjallajokull region of Iceland (Pic: BLOOMBERG). Article here.