Shuffle at Economic development

The Department of Economic Development announces new political delegations

FOLLOWING the appointment of Tony Wild MLC as a political member for the Department of Economic Development, Minister John Shimmin MHK has announced a number of changes to the delegated responsibilities within his Department.
Tony Wild MLC will lead the Employment and Skills Group and the Information Systems Division (ISD).  Employment and Skills Group’s responsibilities include areas such as Training Services, the Job Centre, the Careers Service and Work Permits. ISD provides a complete range of information technology services to all Government Departments from high level strategy through to system procurement, operations and support.
Laurence Skelly MHK will oversee part of the Department’s Business Development portfolio including e-business, information and communication technology, manufacturing, retail, film and media and attracting and assisting high value individuals.  He is also responsible for energy policy; clean technology and biotechnology; construction; mines and minerals and the Department’s properties. Laurence is a Past President of NAMA.
Alex Downie OBE, MLC, in addition to his existing Departmental responsibilities which include Space and the Ship and Aircraft registers, is also now responsible for E-gaming. 
Geoff Corkish MBE, MHK remains the member responsible for Tourism, TT and Motorsport.  He also liaises with the Isle of Man Post Office on behalf of the Department (of which in a separate capacity he is also Chairman).
Alan Crowe MLC remains the member responsible for Financial Services and the Companies Registry.
Minister Shimmin commented:
‘As the Department of Economic Development builds for the future, my political colleagues and I aim to deliver outstanding services in all areas of responsibility and welcome new opportunities in 2012.  We recognise that challenges exist at every turn but with the dedication of our management and staff we will endeavour to rise to the challenge.’