Thanks guys

Well, the universal support for the flag initiative made my best friend Anne very happy:

What an amazing response to my request.  You certainly have a terrific band of members, please pass on my personal thanks to them all. Gold bless the American enthusiasm and pride in their country, something so often lacking this side of the pond!

This is the story behind the appeal. On April 23rd 1945 a B17 flew into the side of North Barrule killing all personnel. The plane belonged to the 533rd squadron of the 381st heavy bombardment group.

In 1995, Maughold Commissioners and the Manx Aviation Preservation Society erected a flag. Every year, to commemorate the event, Manx people climb the hill and fly an American flag.

The flag is tattered. They need another. And now, thanks to NAMA, they’ll have one, I shall send it back with my family when they visit in May.