The Formation of The Luxembourg Manx Society

A LUX-MANX CONNECTION: Monday 27th April, Luxembourg-Ville.

The Luxembourg Manx Society, (LMS), A.S.B.L., has established itself as the first official business, cultural and social interchange between Luxembourg and the Isle of Man.

Its mission ? Through a variety of regular events and meetings, the LMS seeks to develop mutual awareness and knowledge between Luxembourg and the Isle of Man.
The LMS is affiliated to the World Manx Association which was founded in 1911.

Who Are We ? The members of the LMS are currently individuals from, or with connections to, the Isle of Man. The LMS is keen to broaden its membership and welcomes anyone with an interested in the culture, heritage and business environment of the Isle of Man.

Coming Soon: Our website is currently under construction and will provide further information on the Society, its activities and membership.

Interested? Join Chairman Henry Kelly and his crew of Manx enthusiasts, at their next meeting on Monday 13th May at 18.30. For details on directions for the meeting, or for general information, please contact Julie or Louise at or, or alternatively by telephone on (+352) 621 598 854.

Note: Yes, everyone in the Isle of Man is connected — Henry is my cousin!