The Gathering

Subtitled ‘an inter-Celtic celebration’, this CD of Celtic music features twelve tracks donated by artists who have performed at the Island’s Yn Chruinnaght Festival, in a bid to raise funds for future events.
Without doubt this is an uplifting recording reflecting the evolution of traditional music amongst the closely knit Celtic nations, featuring a varied collection of aspirational singers and musicians, with some recordings previously unreleased.
This CD, using the English translation of the festival’s name for its title, will evoke memories for the dedicated Yn Chruinnaght Festival enthusiast, but this rich choice of music is also likely to appeal to those unacquainted with recent developments in the world of traditional music.
Ranging from the pleasing rhythm of the hammered dulcimer to the unique sound of the Breton tradition, this CD holds some pleasant surprises with a contrasting balance of easy-listening and lively music. The artistes featured here have been chosen from a rich vein of talented musicians open to new ideas and influences and in all probability a difficult choice for those selecting just twelve tracks for this recording.
Well-known local groups Sheear and Staa were selected to promote Manx traditional music on this CD.
Available from Peter Norris Music and Shakti Man priced at £10, ‘The Gathering’ can also be ordered online with additional postal costs from the Yn Chruinnaght website.
Valerie Caine © December 2011  
(Courtesy of Manx Tails)