The Life of the Waverley Family Continues in Maria Darnoult’s New Book – Discord

There’s a further treat in store for those dedicated readers who have been following Maria Darnoult’s series about the Waverley family, with the third volume, entitled Discord, now in print.

Based on a dramatised version of real events, there’s a brief resume at the beginning of the book to refresh those who may need a gentle reminder about what happened in Maria’s previous novels, Face the Music and Crescendo; which introduced us to the scandalous relationship of William Waverley and Hannah Corlett, their subsequent wedding and the antics of their family and friends.

Now expecting their first child, the newly married Waverleys continue to receive disapproval from those living in Castletown, as the book digs deeply into the lives of the Waverleys, as well as their friends and neighbours, using the Isle of Man as a backdrop for the saga.

A foray through the pages of Discord also permits the reader to lift the veil of Elbie’s complex love life and her European travels, a potentially bigamous marriage and a bolt from the blue for the newly married Hannah Waverley.

Booklovers can follow the parochial movements of the south side family, as they attempt to unravel the life of the innocent servant girl, Maud, and deal with the fate of the sailing vessel, Bessie Arnold.

Available now, priced £9.99 from outlets across the Island, further information about forthcoming books in this series can be found at Maria’s website –

Valerie Caine

© November 2019

(Courtesy of Manx Life)