The new Government

The new Chief Minister Allan Bell has announced his government – the appointments of political members to departments — and for the first time in many years, all members of Tynwald have been given a government post.

The full line up is as follows:
Community Culture and Leisure – Minister Tim Crookall MHK (Peel), political members Laurence Skelly MHK (Rushen), Juan Turner MLC.
Economic Development – Minister John Shimmin MHK (Douglas West), political members Alex Downie MLC, Laurence Skelly MHK (Rushen), Alan Crowe MLC, Geoff Corkish (Douglas West).
Education and Children – Minister Peter Karran MHK (Lib Van, Onchan), political members Dudley Butt MLC, Zac Hall MHK (Lib Van, Onchan), John Houghton MHK (Douglas North).
Environment, Food and Agriculture – Minister Phil Gawne MHK (Rushen), political members Kate Beecroft MHK (Lib Van, Douglas South), Brenda Cannell MHK (Douglas East).
Health – Minister David Anderson MHK (Glenfaba), political member Dudley Butt MLC.
Home Affairs – Minister Juan Watterson (Rushen), political members David Quirk MHK (Onchan), Alan Crowe MLC.
Infrastructure – Minister David Cretney MHK (Douglas South), political members Howard Quayle MHK (Middle), Richard Ronan MHK (Castletown), Graham Cregeen MHK (Malew and Santon) and David Callister MLC.
Social Care – Minister Chris Robertshaw MHK (Douglas East), political members Leonard Singer MHK (Ramsey) and Richard Ronan MHK (Castletown).
Treasury – Eddie Teare MHK (Ayre), political members Phil Braidwood MLC, Eddie Lowey MLC and Bill Henderson MHK (Douglas North).
The Council of Minister has also agreed the chairmanships and vice chairmanships of the statutory boards which are subject to approval at the November sitting of Tynwald:
Manx Electricity Authority: Chairman Eddie Lowey MLC, vice chairman John Houghton MHK (Douglas North); Isle of Man Post Office chairman Geoff Corkish MHK (Douglas West), vice chairman Richard Ronan MHk (Castletown).
Water and Sewerage Authority: chairman Graham Cregeen MHK (Malew and Santon), vice chairman Bill Henderson MHK (Douglas North), Office of Fair Trading chairman David Quirk MHK (Onchan), vice chairman David Callister MLC.
Planning committee: chairman Howard Quayle MHK (Middle).
Whitley Council (Employers’ side): chairman Alf Cannan MHK (Michael), Civil Service Commission: chairman Alf Cannan MHK Michael), vice chairman Leonard Singer MHK (Ramsey).