The Patrick Parish Post

With modern lifestyles on the Isle of Man bringing changes to daily activities the structure of some of our smaller communities has altered radically. Local amenities have dwindled and all but disappeared in some of the more remote areas, as corner shops, post offices, churches and even the local pubs have shut their doors for the final time.
Work and social commitments can steer parishioners away from village life and the advantages of living in a small community, but a resourceful band of volunteers from the west coast of the Island have joined forces to help bring everyone together with the publication of ‘The Patrick Parish Post’. Printed bi-monthly and available from various outlets within the parish, this eye-catching community magazine aims to bring local news, dates for your diary and lashings of ‘skeet’ to residents of Patrick, Glen Maye, Dalby and all the ‘little places in-between’.
The team behind this novel publication would welcome any news of interest to people living in these areas, and also encourage anyone who wishes to place an advert, to contact or telephone Vicky Harrop on 844999.
Valerie Caine © July 2011