The Story of Laxey Flour

Written by local man Andrew Scarffe, in association with Laxey Glen Mills Limited and the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust, this publication gives us an insight into the workings and history of the last functioning flour mill on the Isle of Man.
Its chequered history is well documented here, revealing details about the establishment of Laxey Glen Mill by Richard Rowe (Captain of the Laxey Mine) in response to the growing population of the area and the company’s struggle to remain at the forefront of the industry.
But this is not simply an interesting volume for the historian and is likely to appeal to those with an engineering background and the curious reader with an appetite for a good story.
Laxey Glen Mill has been gripped by many challenges during its lifetime, not least devastating fires, the decline of its customer base, the escalation of wheat importation and the spectre of government ownership. But the company has always risen to these challenges and currently provides an extensive range of flour to tempt the home baker to buy local goods and help keep the Manx economy buoyant.
Laxey Glen Mill has been part of the community for 150 years which is reflected within the pages of this unique publication, tying in with the fluctuating prosperity of the parish.
It’s often reported that some people have become detached from the reality of food production, but ‘The Story of Laxey Flour’ engages the reader, reacquainting them with a robust survivor of Manx industry.
Priced at £9.99 ‘The Story of Laxey Flour’ is available from bookshops throughout the Island.
(Courtesy of Manx Tails)
Valerie Caine © April 2011