1 Comment on “The Story of the Bollan Vane, courtesy of the World Manx Association tent at Tynwald.

  1. Bollan Bane or Vane is commonly known as Mugwort. It is Common Wormwood
    (Artemisia vulgaris LINN.) It was used for flavouring beer. It doesn’t have the essential oil of Wormwood.Perhaps it was used at St. John’s Tynwald because in the Middle Ages, the plant was known as Cingulum Sancti Johannis, it being believed that John the Baptist wore a girdle of it in the wilderness. There were many superstitions connected with it: it was believed to preserve the wayfarer from fatigue, sunstroke, wild beasts and evil spirits generally: a crown made from its sprays was worn on St. John’s Eve to gain security from evil possession, and in Holland and Germany one of its names is St. John’s Plant, because of the belief, that if gathered on St. John’s Eve it gave protection against diseases and misfortunes.