The Ulster Scots & Celtic Cultural Centre

I had a call from Darren Mullen in Ulster. He is trying to get people to fill out a survey on a cultural center in Ulster. To be honest, it’s a not a user-friendly survey for a non-Ulster person as it asks questions about locations you’ve probably never heard of, have no idea where they are, and he doesn’t give a map. Also, I tried and tried to complete it but there’s a dumb matrix question about how much you’d be prepared to pay for various tour combinations that refuses to accept my clicks. Darren feels it would be beneficial for overseas Celts to complete this survey and I’m happy to offer you the opportunity. The site is https which means it is secure. I hope it works for you.

He says: It is my intention to set up a not-for-profit, social enterprise dedicated to the development of a sustainable tourism project that strengthens the relevence of traditional culture by promoting both the Ulster Scots tradition and Celtic Culture within a living museum based in Northern Ireland. The Centre is to be staffed by tertiary level students attending the local University of Ulster campus and others from within the local area who have a disability allowing them to contribute towards the cost of their education and gaining invaluable experience in the workplace.

The Celtic nations of Northern Ireland, The Rep of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall (England), Brittany (France) and The Isle of Man shall be presented as villages showcasing the language, art, music, dance and history associated with Celtic Culture. A Celtic buffet/feast in the presence of a Celtic King and Queen and spectacular evening show shall also be available as options. I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to complete and return this questionnaire.