Toy Story 1917


Image: First World War Internee Woodworking Workshop, Knockaloe Camp, Isle of Man, 1917.

New exhibition to discover Toy Stories from the Isle of Man

Have you got a Treasured Toy Story with an Isle of Man connection that you’d like to share?

Manx National Heritage is currently planning a fascinating exhibition to uncover the stories hidden within treasured toys held in the Manx National collections and we invite others to take a trip down memory lane to re-discover their cherished toys and share the tales behind them.

From Victorian dolls to Viking games, visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to explore an array of toys and treasures that weave together stories of play and the people behind them, whilst re-kindling a love for their own forgotten toys and introducing the next generation to the wonders of playtimes past.

Anthea Young Manx National Heritage Education Services Officer and curator of the exhibition commented:

“Many toys within the Museum’s collection provide enticing insights into the lives of children and purpose of play on the Isle of Man through the ages.

The exhibition will showcase a range of objects from much loved toys, from wealthy children such as Janet and Alice Gibb of the Grove through to simple toys made from scrap materials by German ‘enemy aliens’ who were interned on the Island during the First and Second World Wars. 

It will not only provide an opportunity to look at the unique collections of toys under the care of Manx National Heritage, but will also be an occasion to seek and present toy stories with an island connection directly from the Islands community.

With studies showing that 25% of adults still own at least one of their favourite childhood toys, Manx National Heritage want to know if you have any treasured toys hiding away in the attic? Please get in touch and share your memories, which may go on to feature in our upcoming exhibition, opening in December 2017 at the House of Manannan.

Any toys loaned to the exhibition by members of the public will be safely returned to their owner after the exhibition closes.

For more information or to discuss the toys you have found please contact Anthea Young 648034 or email: