Tynwald to consider Church rules

Published on Fri Jan 07 2011

TYNWALD will this month be asked to approve a number of changes to Church rules.
Michael MHK David Cannan, who is chairman of the ecclesiastical committee of Tynwald, which covers matters relating to the Church of England in the Isle of Man, is seeking to extend updated rules to cover the diocese of Sodor and Man.
He will ask members to support a number of changes, contained within the committee’s latest report.
Among these are proposals to update the rules on the Church office in the Isle of Man.
One proposal is that when a bishop who is about to reitre or to move to another see, or who is unable to perform his role because of any reason, he can transfer the function to another bishop.
If he is unable to do so, the archbishop or senior bishop of the province can do so on his behalf.
Another change will see the lowering of the retiring age of a diocesan chancellor from 72 to 70, while a bishop may postpone his retirement by no more than one year, at a time up to the age of 75.
Another draft measure is to change the constitution of the Cathedral Chapter to provide for the vicar of German, instead of the bishop, to be the dean of the cathedral, ex-officio.
There is also an update on the rules concerning the relinquishment of Holy Orders.
A Church spokesman explained: ‘A UK Act of 1870 enables a priest or deacon to relinquish his orders by deed enrolled in the Central Office and recorded in the registry of the diocese where he last held office or now lives.
‘A measure of 1934 allows a former priest or deacon to petition the archbishop for reinstatement. The archbishop’s request for the vacation of the deed is to be similarly enrolled and recorded.
‘Neighter the act nor the measure extends to the Isle of Man and the effect of the relinquishment or reinstatement in Manx law is uncertain.
‘This clause provides that they shall have the same effect in the Isle of Man as in the UK and may be recorded in the Sodor and Man diocesan registry.’
If Tynwald supports the measures, they will be then passed to the Queen for Royal Assent.
Mr Cannan is joined on the ecclesiastical committee of Tynwald by Glenfaba MHK David Anderson and Onchan MHK Adrian Earnshaw.
Its job is to report to Tynwald on draft measures presented to it by the legislative commitee of the diocesan synod and also to prescribe burial fees.