Typical Manx story – nothing happens

The BBC are trying so hard to justify the licence fee that they are reduced to running non-stories like this one, which I admit I love as they are very Manx. “Ooh yessir, did you hear about that bomb they found on the beach?’

Personally, my favourite all-time headlines are “New traffic lights for Ballacraine” complete with full, front-page photo (admittedly, they were about the first on the island) and “Police dog strength doubled” which on closer inspection boiled down to the fact that they’d bought another one. Anyhow, here’s the story today.
An unexploded weapon which was found on an Isle of Man beach has been removed by Coastguard officers.

Two people using a metal detector found the ordnance on Laxey beach on Tuesday afternoon and contacted the Coastguard.
Officers inspected the device, declared it harmless and took it away from the beach later that day.
The Coastguard have praised the people who found it and are urging anyone who finds any suspicious object on the beach to call 999 and ask for them.
Officers are trained to investigate and identify such items, and can immediately involve Royal Navy ordnance disposal teams if required, a spokesman said.