Unlocking the Past

If you’re hooked by genealogy, or enjoy delving into local history, it’s sometimes difficult to find the right key to unlock the past, but this new guide written by Matthew Richardson would be an excellent starting point on your journey of discovery.
Providing a selection of case studies and extensive guidance about a complex subject, this publication also doubles as a valuable history book to be enjoyed by readers both on and off the Island.
Illustrated throughout and presented in an unambiguous style, ‘Unlocking the Past’ provides an essential guide to the main repositories on the Isle of Man, reducing the inevitable pitfalls and uncertainty that surrounds the work of the amateur genealogist. It’s surprising what information is available, if you know where to look, which makes ‘Unlocking the Past’ an invaluable resource for both the dedicated and occasional user. This book also provides an important discipline for the genealogist, but a fascinating revelation for others who simply want a good read. We are fortunate to have such resources at our disposal, including the recently opened iMuseum, situated in Kingswood Grove in Douglas, which is complemented by this particular publication.
As the public’s passion for genealogy increases books like this can only become more important for the researcher’s bookshelf, opening up a whole new world of opportunity and sometimes a skeleton or two in the cupboard.
Published by Manx National Heritage the book is available from the Manx Museum and the House of Manannan priced £12.
Valerie Caine © November 2011 (Courtesy of Manx Tails)