Update on Bob Kelly from his family

I’m sorry to say that the news about Uncle Bob is not getting any better, and we doubt if it will.  His doctors and nurses have informed us that his heart is very weak and he would never be able to survive another stroke.  With that we will be looking at the possibility of Hospice care.  John and I plan to be in Rockford next Friday, the 9th, and are scheduling a meeting with a Hospice organization in Rockford.  The decision will be Bob’s though, as long as he is able to make decisions about his health.
Caren and I visited Uncle Bob today (John was on-call and had to stay near home).  We went through his mail and all the wonderful cards of encouragement were so welcome to him.  THANK YOU!
We knew Bob wanted to add some pictures to his ‘Kelly From the Isle of Man’ story, so Caren helped him do that.  We also spoke a bit about his failing health and started to make some plans for his funeral service.  His voice has become so quiet and mumbled that it is often hard to understand him.  I can tell he gets frustrated when I ask him to repeat himself, but it’s important to know exactly what his desires are.  His mind is still sharp, but the thinking is slower than normal.  I was encouraged though, when he started reciting the words of one of his favorite Manx songs, Ellan Vannin.
When the summer day is over
And the busy cares have flown,
Then I sit beneath the starlight
With a weary heart. alone,
I ask for your continued prayers for him as he continues on this journey.  Thank you.