Valentine's Day in Manx

Make sure you make it a Gaelic Valentine’s Day this year with some of our romantic phrases below! You can hear all these on our website at:
We hope to start a new class for beginners shortly in St Johns on a Tuesday evening, please contact me for details; indeed, what better way to show your love for someone by enrolling them on to a Manx Gaelic Course! Learning Manx is similar to a successful marriage: its takes commitment, determination and love but is ultimately rewarding and life affirming. If you would like advice on making that commitment (to learning Manx and not marriage that is) then please drop me a line.
Lesh graih
Adrian Cain
Ta graih aym ort   I love you
Ta graih aym urree  I love her
Ta graih aym er   I love him
Vel graih ayd orrym?  Do you Love me?  
Cur paag dou!   Kiss me!
Cur paag dou nish!  Kiss me now!
Ta mee geearree cur paag dhyt  I want to kiss you
Vel oo sooree?   Are you seeing anyone?
Ta / cha nel    Yes / no  
T’eh stoamey    He’s gorgeous  
T’ee stoamey   She’s  gorgeous
S’mie lhiam uss   I like you
Mie lhiat mish?   Do you like me?
Manx Language Officer
Manx Heritage Foundation