Very sad news. Bob Kelly has passed away.

It is with sad news that I write this time.  Uncle Bob passed away about 12:45 am this morning, Thursday, November 15, 2012.  Both John and I were present at his side.  He was actually in the middle of a nebulizer treatment when we noticed he was no longer breathing.  The nurse checked and couldn’t find a heartbeat.  He went so peacefully and is now in heaven, reunited with Jean and all who went before him.
I had received a call at 4:30 pm from the Hospice nurse telling me that Bob was declining.  But Bob was not alone, Jody Morey came for a visit on Wednesday and stayed until we could arrive.  THANK YOU, JODY!  You were such a blessing to Bob and to us! 
We will be meeting with the funeral home today to make arrangements and will let all of you know what they will be.
Just knowing that Uncle Bob is no longer in pain has given us peace.  We are grateful that he was in our lives.  May he be welcomed by the angels in heaven, as he is now one of the angels.
Thank you again for the love, prayers, cards, thoughts, etc. sent Bob’s way over these last months.  He was truly blessed to have so many family and friends who cared so much.
May God’s Peace be with you.
– Carol Pilgrim (Bob’s niece)
The photo above was taken in August at the North American Manx Museum at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville campus. Bob is shown here cutting the ribbon at its official opening. He donated a major sum towards this, the only Manx museum in America, and it was the culmination of a life spent celebrating his Manx heritage. We who knew him are happy that he lived to see this day as we know how very much it meant to him. 

Bob has been involved in NAMA all his life. He attended his first NAMA Convention in 1928. He proudly reported that he was NAMA Junior Member No. 1 and he went on to become our Honorary President, only standing down earlier this year as hid health declined. He will be missed at our Board meetings as his institutional memory of NAMA activities and protocols over the years was prodigious. 

We will revisit Bob’s life over the next few weeks as more information from members comes to light. Feel free to share your Bob story in the comments box below.