Weirdest headline: Heroin drought may cause death

editorial image Heroin

POLICE fear a heroin shortage in the UK could ultimately lead to deaths in the Isle of Man.
One of the most severe ‘droughts’ of heroin for five years had been reported in areas across the UK, with users being treated after overdosing on heroin mixed with other substances because of the shortage of the opiate across the countrywide.
Detective Sergeant Allan Thompson, of the drug trafficking unit, said: ‘What does concern me is that prices will rise when the drought ends, tolerance will be reduced and the risk of fatal overdoses will increase.’
The shortage is due to a fungus that has infested this year’s poppy crop in Afghanistan, literally reducing it by half. IOMToday
Some users have become unconscious after injecting or smoking the drug, whereas others have reported vomiting, flu-like symptoms and amnesia.