Well? Anyone up for this?It's in Tennessee!

The Upper East TN Celtic Society would like to know if you or another of your group would like to represent the Manx peoples and their heritage at the 2013 Sycamore Shoals Celtic Festival, Sept. 6th, 7th, and 8th. We were looking up the Manx language for our Christmas Party (Dec. 16th in Johnson City, TN) and discovered your web site.  Our society represents all Celtic nations and would like to have a Manx group or individual to educate the public in their Manx heritage ( as do Scottish Clan tents and other Celtic nation’s tents).  This could be setting up a clan tent with pictures and information on a table for the weekend (set up on Fri. night and take down on Sun. 5pm) or some flyers or other informative papers mailed to the society before the event to be handed out at the UETCS booth.  We have an attendance of between 2500 (if it rains) and 7000 people.  For more information: or or (423) 741-4841.
We would love to hear from you,
Justine Kinch
SSCF Director and UETCS Board Member