We’re pushing for new members!

The North American Manx Association Board of Directors has unanimously approved a push to find new members through online methods. Using Google and its Advertising program, and by strategic advertising placements to Washington DC, Chicago and Denver Facebook users we are trying to grow NAMA and strengthen local societies.

The thrust of the messaging welcomes people with Manx ancestry to the crossroads of heritage and heart, where the North American Manx Association (NAMA) forges a living bridge between the Isle of Man and the shores of North America. Here, we celebrate a culture as enduring as the triskelion, the iconic Three Legs of Man that stands as a symbol of resilience in an ever-changing world. While the world knows us for our tailless cats and the thrilling T.T. Races, we are so very much more.

The Isle of Man’s Rich Tapestry: The Isle of Man is a gem in the Irish Sea, a place where history and modernity blend seamlessly. The Manx language, with its lyrical intonations, is a thread that weaves through our collective identity, enduring in our efforts to keep it vibrant. The island has the oldest continuous Parliament in the world and as a self-governing Crown dependency it enjoys great flexibility in how they do things!

Landmarks of Our Past: From the engineering marvel of the Great Laxey Wheel to the sentinel-like presence of Milner’s Tower, our landmarks tell stories of ingenuity and determination. These structures are not mere tourist destinations; they are chapters in our narrative, standing tall as testaments to the Manx spirit which now embraces industries as diverse as gaming and space exploration.

NAMA: A Cultural Conduit: At NAMA, we are curators of connection, fostering bonds that span continents. We are a hearth for the wider Manx community, offering a warm welcome to all who share our lineage. Through events and collaborations, we create a space where heritage is honored and the Manx language flourishes.

Preservation through Celebration: Preservation is an act of celebration at NAMA. It’s in the Manx food that awakens our taste buds to history, in the films that capture our island’s soul, and in the stories that are passed down through generations. We find joy in the unique – from the beauty of a Manx Loaghtan sheep, to being the only entire country to be a UNESCO biosphere, to the excitement of the TT races, each aspect of Manx life is a cause for celebration.

Joining Hands with NAMA: Our work is a tapestry of many hands, and every new member adds a vibrant strand to our story. We extend a heartfelt invitation: come and write your chapter with us. Whether you’re tracing your genealogy or seeking community, NAMA offers a gateway to a warm welcome, a cooish (Manx Gaelic for a chat), and an opportunity to share your own cultural experience with others.

A Call to Action: Join us on this journey of cultural preservation and celebration. The Isle of Man may be a small island, but our heritage is vast and our community is global. We invite you to be part of something greater, to carry the legacy of the Isle of Man into the future.

Become a part of this enduring legacy. Sign up for NAMA today, and step into a world where every handshake and every story shared is a thread that binds us closer to our past and to each other.