Who is our patron saint?

Sue Woolley’s fascinating article in the paper yesterday made a compelling case for St. Patrick being the patron saint of the Isle of Man seeing as how he’s credited with banning snakes and bringing Christianity to the IOM where it still pretty much survives. (Meetings of Tynwald still open with a prayer and that’s fairly unusual in Europe.) I confess I always thought St. Patrick was our patron saint,. But she says we don’t have a patron saint so I looked at Catholic Online and found this:
Patron Saint of the Isle of Man: St. Maughold
Feastday: December 28
Irish bishop converted by St. Patrick, also listed as Macull and Maccaldus. Originally an outlaw, he was spiritually changed by St. Patrick and performed penance and entered the religious life. Maughold was told to leave Ireland as part of his penance and set sail, landing on the Isle of Man. There he evangelized the people and was elected bishop.

Anyone have any thoughts or information on this?