Who Put the Devil in the Cornish Pasty?

It was once said that the Devil would never dare to cross the River Tamar into Cornwall for fear of ending up as a filling in a Cornish pasty; a tasty if not unfortunate demise for a dubious character, it’s unlikely that Manx visitors to Perranporth during October would suffer the same fate.
Perree Bane

Throughout the summer months this picturesque seaside resort is transformed into a surfers’ paradise, but with the onset of autumn this scenic haven becomes a mecca for those seeking a final Highland fling, or a zesty reel before the dark days of winter cloud the horizon.

‘Lowender Peran’ is a registered charity set up to encourage recognition of Cornish heritage and its Celtic links as a vibrant, living tradition, and will welcome both visitors and performers from three groups based on the Isle of Man to their festival as part of a long held friendship cultivated between the two countries. ‘Lowender Peran’ has become a focal point for those who seek to value both their own roots and those of our Celtic neighbours, providing an ideal opportunity to gather together for an autumnal fest of music, song and dance.
Named in honour of St Piran ‘Lowender Peran’ bridges the gap between informal gatherings and formal performances, encouraging unrestricted involvement from many areas of Cornish heritage.
The ‘Mollag Band’ need little introduction on the Manx scene, but our Cornish brethren will be in for a treat as they regale their audiences with original songs and innovative tunes. Based primarily in the west of the Island, the ‘Mollag Band’ is equally at home sharing the stage with other Manx performers at local gigs, or supporting internationally renowned musicians from beyond these shores. Punchy, upbeat and challenging, their songs display a refreshing originality, liveliness and natural humour. Performing an eclectic mix of self-penned songs and traditional material using both Manx and English, the band’s emphasis on social and political comment still relays a strong message in a modern world.
New to both the Manx and Cornish music scene, the recently formed ‘Kippercaillie Band’ will also be heading down to Cornwall. Described as a fusion of the dog ends of two other outfits (Arthur Caley Giant Band and Staa) the group was previously better known under the guise of the ‘Purt H’Ninjas’, but decided it was time for something wittier! Incorporating some familiar faces playing exclusively Manx traditional music they will be joined by fellow Manxman Mark Lawrence who will play guitar.
In addition colourful Manx dance group ‘Perree Bane’ will also be joining the growing band of local performers who are set to provide entertainment at ‘Lowender Peran’. Formed in 1982 and based in the south of the Island, ‘Perree Bane’ aims to keep alive the repertoire of traditional Manx dances, and add some innovations of their own along the way. Recently returned from a successful trip to the Lorient Inter-Celtic Festival, their performances will add colour and vibrancy to the Celtic spectrum.
Valerie Caine © October 2011 (Courtesy of Manx Tails)