Woman attacked by cows

Much as I sympathize with the poor lady trampled by cows in a Colby field I feel I have to cover it in the blog as it such a Manx story with a new nanny-state spin to it. Cows — especially black and white ones — are curious and cows are not the smartest creatures God put breath in. They will trample you in a heartbeat if they get freaked out. Apparently the lady went out to walk her two dogs on the morning of May 1 and ended up in intensive care with six broken ribs, a punctured lung and extensive bruising. And that was after the horrible drive across several fields in 4×4 to get to a road. It’s thought her dogs barked and spooked the cows.

As usual, the poor farmer is getting blamed for not posting signs that walking a dog through cows with calves might present some risk to life and limb. As if this is anything new. It’s not just bulls that will come after you, so do cows. How anyone can live in the countryside and not know that beggers belief but just in case you are one of those people — TAKE CARE IN COW FIELDS. DO NOT TAKE BARKY DOGS. Most cows are friendly to humans so don’t be afraid, just be careful.