World Fiddle Day 2013

Manx fiddle players will be joining forces in a global initiative when they gather at the Strand Shopping Centre in Douglas on the Isle of Man to celebrate World Fiddle Day.
Organised locally by the Manx Heritage Foundation, Island based fiddle players of any age or ability have been invited to participate in the first ‘Manx Music flash mob’ to be staged on the Isle of Man, which it’s hoped will involve all members of the violin family, including viola, cello, double bass, hardanger and viola da gamba.
Using a set of tunes led by David Kilgallon, they will include Peter O’Tavy, Three Little Boats and Car y Phoosee and will be followed by free traditional music workshops with two of the Island’s leading fiddle players and composers, the aforementioned David Kilgallon and Katie Lawrence.
World Fiddle Day is the brainchild of Caoimhín Mac Aoidh, a Donegal fiddle player who decided upon an annual celebration of the instrument and its extensive family, after realising that a dedicated day of celebration was yet to be established on the calendar.
It’s a day in the year when fiddle players from all over the world can celebrate the beauty of the instrument together, and is timed to fall on the Saturday closest to the 19th May, the date of the death of Antonio Stradivari (Italian luthier and crafter of stringed instruments) and brings together people in both the northern and southern hemisphere with the hope they can hold outdoor events involving groups of people.
Events will be happening all over the world, including Ireland, Germany, Holland, Cuba, Canada and the USA.
Valerie Caine
© May 2013