World Manx Association

NAMA received a lovely newsletter from Carol Gray, Secretary of the World Manx Association today.  They enclosed a CD of the late (and lovely ) Geoff Crellin reading passages from T.E. Brown. I’d like to suggest we pass this to the North American Manx Museum along with the accompanying letter as a part of its provenance.  As well as their new website — which is at  or (not .im I see) they have a FaceBook group and a Twitter account:

This is taken from the Dubai Manx website run by WMA member Gil Costain-Salway:

The WORLD MANX ASSOCIATION was founded in 1911 by the then Chairman of the Castletown Brewery, Mr. Richard Cain, who was inspired by a remark made by the Manx national poet T.E. Brown about Manxmen returning from overseas. During a lecture Mr Brown said “We should welcome them back with a shake of the hand and a clap on the shoulder”. Though not founded until after T E Brown’s death, the occasion was well documented in a newspaper at the time, the ‘Mona’s Herald’, which reported “a gathering of unique character at Rushen Abbey.” The meeting was of a number of visiting Manx emigrants from as far away as North America, South Africa and Australia and it was Mr. Cain’s idea to make it a formal occasion “whereby Manx colonials and their friends could extend to each other the hand of friendship”.