World Manx Association Centenary

Peter Kelly from the WMA saw the posting below where I compared the pre and post war logos. Last year he told us: “The World Manx Association badge was updated by Dorcas Costain-Blann during her term of office as President 2003 – 2008. The original badge was designed by Frank Graves a native of Peel who was practicing as an architect in Manchester and a member of the Manchester Manx Society.This was in 1912.”

Now he adds: “When Frank Graves designed the front cover for Ellan Vannin , the magazine of WMA in 1923 he tweeked the logo by adding two mountains in the background. He described the ship as sailing out of Peel before a south-west wind, Greeba on the left and Slieu Whuallian (sic) on the right.

The reason why the three legs was not on the sail originally is because it was on one of the supporting shields either side of the world in the foreground. The other shield has the letters W M A intertwined and this was used by Leigh Goldie Taubman as the badge for the Junior World Manx with gold lettering on a blue background round button hole badge.”

So now we know a little more about the WMA design. Thank you, Peter.