Zurich Binoculars Bring Wildlife Closer

Thanks to the generosity of the Zurich Financial Services Staff Charity Committee, school children around the Island now have a better chance of spotting wildlife.  Hearing that the Manx Wildlife Trust was in need of some binoculars for children to use during their environmental education and awareness sessions and field trips, the members of the Charity Committee were keen to help out by purchasing 10 new pairs of binoculars for the Trust.

Zurich Financial Services Charity Committee members, Ann Barron and Ruth Camara, were able to see for themselves how much children enjoy using the binoculars when they recently joined in a bird-watching session held by the Manx Wildlife Trust’s Education Officer, Kath Smith, for Michael School children in Years 3 and 4, in the school’s wildlife garden.  Commenting on the Charity Committee’s donation, Ann Barron said, “We are very supportive of the Manx Wildlife Trust’s efforts to engage local school children in wildlife activities and recognise the need for them to have the right equipment available to allow them to do this.  All of the children we’ve spoken to today have had a super time, using the binoculars to spot lots of different birds in the wildlife garden and the nearby fields.”

The Manx Wildlife Trust has a strong commitment to education and is very grateful to the Zurich Financial Services Staff Charity Committee for their support.

Through the work of the Trust, every year, over two thousand local children have the chance to get closer to nature and as a result of this first-hand experience, gain a greater understanding and enjoyment of the natural world and our place within it.  All of the Trust’s education activities have links to the National Curriculum and have been evaluated for safety. Sessions are full of fun, as well as being fantastic learning experiences.  For more information on the Manx Wildlife Trust’s environmental education work and wider activities in respect of the protection and conservation of local wildlife, please go to its website